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by choosing your business model: SVOD, TVOD and AVOD.

Why launching an OTT channel

The media world has changed. The new communication business model
is more and more on the web, with vertical and private TVs. follow the change,
it is a guarantee of greater opportunities! builds white-label platforms for Broadcasters,
Aggregators, Film Distributors, Publishers, Companies, University. Just to meet your new technological needs of communication.
Through your new VOD channel (Video On Demand) you will reach your audience quickly, directly on devices in line with the reference target (smartphones, SmartTv, Playstation, Roku, Windows).


Tutte le Applicazioni

Distribuisci i tuoi video su piattaforme come Samsung, Roku, LG, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, ecc.

The Benefits of Our Solution

Advanced Video Protection

We use DRM to protect videos from hacking and external threats at no additional cost.

Bulk Upload

Optimize time and save money by managing your videos through a quick and efficient upload process.

Universal Compatibility

Your videos will be automatically available on all devices, ensuring seamless access for users.

Choice of Business Models

Choose the business model that best suits your needs, including Advertising On Demand (AVOD), Transactional On Demand (TVOD), or Subscription on Demand (SVOD).

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